Month: April 2020

7 Amazing of CBD Benefits to Help Your Dog Feel Like a Puppy

CBD Benefits may be well known to humans, but CBD also offers a huge range of benefits to man’s best friend. In this article we are going to cover the seven amazing benefits of CBD that your four-legged best friend could benefit from.

Powerful painkiller

Just as it does in humans, CBD works as a painkiller in dogs too. This means that if your dog is suffering from chronic pain, that he too could benefit from products containing CBD.


In dogs, CBD also works as a natural anticonvulsant. Meaning that it will be easier to control any convulsions, tremors, tics or spasms that your dog might suffer from.


In humans CBD Benefits also act as an anti-inflammatory and can be used for things such as managing Crohn’s disease and acne. The same effect can be seen when giving CBD to dogs meaning that it can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses or conditions that your four legged best bud might be suffering from.check for over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Stress reliever

Anxiety and nerves are not something that is suffered by humankind alone, studies have shown that animals too suffer from these conditions. Not only this, but it has been observed that they can also suffer from certain phobias. CBD has been studied and it has been noted that it can be used to control stress and nervousness in dogs, meaning that their overall health does not suffer as a consequence.

7 Diseases That CBD Oil Is Helping To Treat Right Now

Antiemetic CBD Benefits

An antiemetic is a drug that prevents vomiting, and CBD works very effectively in this role. In studies when dogs have been given CBD it has been noticed that it reduces vomiting and helps them control their nausea. An added bonus to this is that it is also known to increase the dog’s appetite, meaning that if your best friend is suffering due to not being able to eat that this might just be the answer that you have been looking for.

Anticancer effects

Whilst this effect is not yet proven in dogs, evidence of studies in lab rats shows that CBD has been effective in slowing down the spread, development and growth of malignant tumours.

Promotes homeostasis

Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to be ill to benefit from the many uses of CBD – this is down to the fact that CBD promotes homeostasis. Homeostasis is when the body is in perfect balance and thus, less likely to get sick. However, if this is out of balance then the dog may be more likely to get sick. CBD can ensure that homeostasis is maintained and that your dog stays fighting fit.

To sum up, CBD Benefits offer a huge range of benefits to your dog from minor conditions to ones that could pose a threat to their lives. However, as with any new substance it is advised that first you consult your dogs vet to see if this is right for them. click here to read more diseases that can be cured by CDB.


Can CBD help treat health conditions or is it the placebo effect?

So you must have already heard by now of the new thing that everybody is talking about: CBD. But is it really as good as everyone states that it is? After all, it does brag an amazing array of CBD pros, from helping with bowel diseases to even stalling the development of cancer. Is it all too good to be true? In this article we will look at just how true all of these claims are or if all of the effects of CBD are just based on a strong placebo effect.

What is a placebo effect?

First things first: what is a placebo effect? A placebo effect is when the mind shapes what happens because it has a firm believe that it will work. This means that the curing effect doesn’t come from the substance or its components but instead from the strong belief from the person taking it, that it will work. An example of this is when patients have been given sugar pills in the past, with doctors telling them that they are painkillers, and have then gone onto feeling less pain. However, a placebo effect only works whilst the recipient taking the said medication really believes that it is the correct medication, if it is proven that it doesn’t work, then normally the person stops feeling the effects of the placebo.

Can CBD help treat health conditions or is it the placebo effect

What is CBD?

CBD is the second most active ingredient that is derived from the hemp plant, read more about hemp plant at Unlike the other active ingredient in the plant, THC, it does not provoke any psychoactive reactions in the body. However, it still produces a relaxing effect upon the user’s body which is one of the many benefits that it can offer to the user. This is just one of the many benefits, as it also boasts other benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, delaying the onset symptoms of Alzehiemer’s disease, helping with bowel disorders and even reducing the effects of anxiety.

How is CBD regulated and what are its risks?

As CBD gains more and more popularity it is becoming more and more different companies who sell the product to set their product out from the rest; so just how do they do it and how do you make sure that you are getting what you are paying for? Unfortunately as it is not a regulated drug there is no legal promise that the manufacturer has to follow strict restrictions in regards to ingredients, however, there does exist a third party system. This means that another company is vouching that you are paying what you think you are paying for, and it is highly recommended that you only buy CBD that comes with this recommendation. In terms of safety, CBD is very safe and only runs the risk when the user is already taking medication, but before taking this a person is recommended to seek guidance from a medical professional. Another risk that must be taken into consideration is the risk of an accidental overdose, which could cause liver here to read more about CBD safety use.

In conclusion, it is very difficult to know whether the effects of CBD are from the substance or from a placebo effect as it seems to vary from person to person, what does stand true is that CBD could be beneficial to a lot of people and if it is possible – should be tried if needed.

7 Diseases That CBD Oil Is Helping To Treat Right Now

CBD oil is becoming very popular at the moment, and there seems to be no end to the amount of diseases that it can seemingly cure. In this article we will be taking a closer look at what diseases CBD can really help you with and how.

The treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

There are several different studies that have shown positive results when testing CBD on patients with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, there are even some studies that claim that it could help with the autoimmune disease of being a celiac. It does this by providing the intestinal cells with stronger adhesion.

Reduces glaucoma

As we get older the need to use CBD increases – this is because marajuana is key in preventing macular generation whilst also reducing the pressure in the eyes. The result of this is that the chances of developing glaucoma are reduced here to read more benefits of CBD at

Reduces anxiety and stress

The natural components in CBD help relax the consciousness which causes the release of the hormone that causes pleasure, thereby lessening stress levels and generating calmness and tranquility to the user. This has been proven to be very useful to sufferers of anxiety and stress.

It helps to control epileptic seizures

CBD oil helps control seizures by connecting to the receptors in the brain cells that are responsible for improving relaxation and regulating excitability. Studies have shown that children that take CBD oil suffer a reduced amount of seizures.

7 Diseases That CBD Oil Is Helping To Treat Right Now

Prevents cancer and relieves its symptoms

Whilst this isn’t a hundred percent confirmed yet, early tests are promising and show that on animals show that with the presence of cannabidiol, growth in tumours has been shown to be inhibited. Also, it has been shown to alleviate symptoms in cancer patients too, making the fight against cancer somewhat more comfortable for the patient.

Relieves pain during multiple sclerosis

Just as with chronic pain, CBD oil has been shown to reduce discomfort and pain to those suffering from multiple sclerosis. The CBD oil works to join nerve and muscle receptors which work to reduce pain. There are also several other studies that show that CBD oil also helps calm and control muscle cramps which are also a common symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Decreases symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can help reduce the number of amyloid plaques, which then goes on to not enable the enzyme in the brain to produce them, thus decreasing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. You can read more about Alzheimer by clicking here.

In conclusion, CBD oil is very versitile and offers a wide range of benefits to several different diseases and conditions. However, it is always recommened that before you try CBD oil you do consult first a medical professional first before reaping the all of the benefits that CBD can offer to you.